Back into the fold – Bath Festival Targa 2018 Preparation

“Only a few months”

That is how long I told my Nan that I needed to store the rally car in her garage while we moved house.

2 years later Ken the nova was finally released from his dark and lonely prison after being forgotten in the excitement of other hobbies and an extended garage build at the new house. A quick check over and the 26 year old engine fired up on the third crank, and then flew straight though a MOT.

This sudden call to action has been driven by the growth of Targa road rallying over the last few years, to the point where there is a new targa rally championship being run by the ASWMC. The good news is that this includes many of the old endurance rallies on which we have had so much fun in the past.

So on the the Bath Festival Targa in a few weeks, we last competed on this event two years ago when it was run as a full road rally, we particularly enjoyed the forest tests that are likely to be used this year.

So we are really looking forward to getting back out and trying to remember how to drive again!

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