About Me

My name is Rob Fields and I am a pretty unremarkable 30 something that is slightly obsessed with motor sport. generally anything involving cars or bikes being driven fast interests me in some way. However, in particular I enjoy and partake in most forms of rallying.

Over the years I have written several short reports about the some of the events on which I have competed, these usually just end up in the monthly Southsea Motor Club magazine, I have also collected some fantastic photos (most by Andy Manston of M&H Photography – http://mandh-photography.co.uk )

This blog is an attempt of sharing some of these historical stories, any future writings and all these lovely images with anybody who might be bored enough to be interested.

If you wish to contact me please do so on treborfields@hotmail.com


My day job involves leading the innovation team in a well known UK based household appliance manufacturer, basically I’m part engineer, part futurologist, part consumer psychologist, part trend finder and a good part mad inventor! I have over 20 patents to my name and thankfully every day is different, it also helps pay for tyres!

Some rallying history

I started out navigating for my father on road rallies when i was a teenager, learning the ropes on local Southsea Motor Club 12 car rallies. I think my first proper road rally was the Pheasant Plucker in about 2002, if i remember correctly i think we used a £50 Vauxhall nova saloon of all things!

We then moved onto a MK3 Escort XR3I and had some good results on rallies such as the “Kent” and the “Funky Elephant”, we also had our first forays out on the famous “Carpetbagger” which was a big step up in difficulty and pace and a rally i was to tackle 5 times in total as a navigator.


After this dad then learnt about the new format of Endurance Road Rallies, so we built a Peugeot 205 XS to suit, this led to many happy years of competing on such events as the sublime “Audi Southwest Endurance”, “Bullnose” and the fabulous “Welsh Endurance”, along with a great bunch of people who become good friends.


For Dads 50th birthday he fancied having a go at the 4 day “Lombard Revival endurance rally” and also building a new car, so he picked up a half built Ford KA and converted it to endurance spec. The Lombard was a great adventure all over wales using some of the most famous stages in the world. The Ka was used for several years and proved to be a fantastic little car, it still lives on today and is currently in the hands of a friend making their first forays into stage rallies.


After a few years of not competing very much dad then built the nova that is now known as “Ken”. He used the car for a few times on local events, but in 2013 i brought it off him as i fancied finally having a go at this driving lark . . . . .