Southsea Motor Club


Southsea Motor Club has around 175 members and run a variety of successful motor sport events ranging from autotests and 12 car navigational rallies, all the way up to the well known South Downs Stages which is held at the historic Goodwood motor racing circuit.

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Club history

SOUTHSEA was first mentioned in a Motor Sporting context as early as 1922, when the first Southsea Speed Carnival was held, using the sea front as a sprint course. Notable vehicles at this event were Count Louis Zbronskis 23 litre ‘Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang’ (immortalised in the Disney film) and the renowned 1 1/2 litre AC of J. A. Joyce. This AC was the first light car to achieve 100 m.p.h., winning the Standing Start Mile at the Southsea Carnival with a speed of 69.5 m.p.h.

At least two of Southsea Motor Club’s current members can recall being taken to this Speed Carnival by their fathers and there can be little doubt that a lasting impression became significant when, some nine years later, some of the young men who had watched the spectacle in 1922/3 were of an age to motor around the Southsea area in cars of their own (or maybe cars borrowed from Dad). By virtue of regular contact and similar interests this handful of youthful enthusiasts became known amongst themselves as the Southsea Motor Club.

Since those early beginnings Southsea Motor Club has grown to become one of the South of England’s oldest and most experienced motor clubs, with members from all walks of life and from a wide area of Hampshire, Sussex and beyond.

Southsea Motor Club was founded in 1931, registered as a limited company in 1957 and today is registered with the Motor Sports Association (MSA) for the organisation of motor competitions and belongs to  the Association of Central Southern Motor Clubs (ACSMC) and the Association of South Western Motor Clubs (ASWMC) thus ensuring its members every opportunity to become involved in the full range of championship events run by these organisations.  Locally, Southsea Motor Club organises its own regular 12 car rallies, stage rallies, scatters, autocross, autosolos and sporting trials plus a variety of social and fund raising activities.